Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peace Treaty (Artist Spotlight #13)

PeaceTreaty was created in 2009 by producer Josh Anaya. In 2010 Josh teamed up with DJ Sam Hiller (Groove Radio) and talented multi-instrumentalist Angelo Patino to make PeaceTreaty a production trio! These boys have already earned support from TIESTO, DEADMAU5, LAIDBACK LUKE, AFROJACK, MOBY, BENNY BENASSI, KASKADE, CHUCKIE, WOLFGANG GARTNER, FELIX DA HOUSECAT, STEVE AOKI, JOACHIM GARRAUD, JOHN DAHLBACK, BT, TOMMY LEE & AERO, MIGHTYFOOLS, SINDEN, MORGAN PAGE, TOCADISCO, SOUND OF STEREO, STYLE OF EYE, FAKE BLOOD, TOMMIE SUNSHINE, JUDGE JULES, DON RIMINI, PORTER ROBINSON, ALBIN MYERS, KISSY SELL OUT, DADA LIFE, SPENCER & HILL, MUSTARD PIMP, BART B MORE, PAUL ANTHONY, CONGOROCK, and many more. They are working their way to the top FAST! Get ready for tons of great tracks and always spread the love and peace through music. Cheers!
Latest tracks by PeaceTreaty

Waka Flocka-No Hands(DjWesV.2 Remix)

Here's once again anothere over night banger!
Enjoy :D -DjwesV.2(

Waka Flocka-No Hands(DjWesV.2 Remix) by DjWesV.2

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skrillex-Scary Monsters & Nice Sprit(DjWesV.2 Remix)

Skrillex-Scary Monsters & Nice Sprit(DjWesV.2 Remix) by DjWesV.2

Hey wasup!
So here's the deal! I'm not a big fan of skrillex at all...
But this track has kinda grown on me... So I figure why not make a remix!
Enjoy and use well!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DjWesV.2-Space Junk(Original Mix)

New track for you all!!! Nothing special :/ Just a little short banger for you thizzy crowd!!!
Be sure to use this track well!!! Not a big fan of the intro, but a quick edit and im sure you'll be on point!!! -DjWesV.2(

Space Junk(Original Mix)-DjWesV.2 by DjWesV.2

Mix Of The Week #1(Da Fresh)

Here's a little techno/tech house mix for you! Da Fresh! Definitely bringing out some fresh flavor for you!!! Loved this mix!!! Sure you would to :P
Mix April 2011, Week 03 //// FREE DOWNLOAD by Da Fresh

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mike Mazu (Artist Spotlight #13)

Dutch DJ and producer Mike Mazu, formerly known as Chaosz, started his career at the age of 16. He grew up in his home town Rijswijk, in the Netherlands. With passion and love for music Mike Mazu started to evolve by creating his own music. By then he discovered how much he enjoys producing music and came up with some massive productions that are still recognized and loved by many.
The first release of Mike Mazu was in 2009. Just like he was born to it, he reached a spot in the Dance-Tunes top 3 with this debute. After this success the bookings started to roll in and he continued producing true Dutch house tracks. After rapidly hitting the number one spot, with 'I Want You' featuring Alvaro, he gained more and more popularity and received tremendous support from many fans and famous artists.
After collaborating with producers like Alvaro, The Partysquad and Robert Abigail, he also set up his own successful record label named Squeeze Music. Mike Mazu has since joined Stars Agency and played at many leading clubs both national and international.
Nowadays, he stands ready to entertain people in many countries and clubs worldwide. The Mike Mazu sound can best be described as pumping and energetic, a new generation of electro house with a dirty latin twist, almost indescribable but definitely recognizable.
With multiple successful releases and some heavy foreign gigs in his back pocket, Mike Mazu is ready and able for the next step up in his career!

Latest tracks by Mike Mazu

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kandi Land 2011 ft. "John Beaver, Ross.Fm, Andy P, & More"

DjWesV.2 & Krishna Lee invites you to...

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Kandi Land 2011 <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)

Hey wasup everyone!
I am here to proudly present "Kandi Land"
Another fantastic night yet to be had! Ravers Unite! Definitely gonna bust out all meh' kandi for this one! Hope to see you all on the dancefloor!
♥ P.L.U.R.

This won't be your typical event at metro, we're flipping the place out with additional sound, lasers, lighting and video projectors!!!



◇ Kandi Land 2011 Line-Up ◇
♫ John Beaver(Libra Rising, Skills, VitalSC)
♫ Ross.Fm(99.7Now Fm, HouseNation)
♫ Andy P(nocturnalism, play too much)
♫ Justin Illusion(B33 Events, Oomph)
♫ Loaded Beatz(Love Allstars,Vibrance Recordings)
♫ JE(
♫ DjWesV.2(

◇Gogo Dancers◇
△ Courtney N Paige
△ Chloe Donnelly
△ Taylor Montgomery
△ Vicky Lopez
△ Katherine
△ Melanie

◇ Paparazzi For The Night ◇
△ Eric ECstatik
△ Ally Panda
△ Ikaros Haines

18+ to dance, 21+ to get trashed
$10 Before 10pm $15 After 9pm-2am

Turn in just one of the few fliers signed by "Wes" and get in FREE!!!
Be sure to look for fliers being handed out!

Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd St.
Oakland, Ca

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dooze Jackers (Artist Spotlight #12)

Put the banger style of the famous Techjio mixed with the funky style of DPV and you will have Dooze Jackers. As well as they do party, Dooze Jackers, produce every kind of bangers music, they just know how to make it really good in their production.

If you have any questions or wanna book us, our e-mail adress

Latest tracks by Dooze Jackers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dj Manitix Hardstyle Mix

Don't know too much about this young dj here! But can def tell you there's not a lot of mixes that i personally enjoy! Def keep an eye out enjoy! Manitix loving it! Kepp it up bro :)
-DjWesV.2( New hardstyle by DJ Manitix

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[[STEREO LOVE 2011]]- w/ Dyloot, John Beaver, St. John, Ross.Fm & More!

Ross.FM & DjWesV.2 invites you to...

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Stereo Love 2011 <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)

Bringing you a night of madness along with a massive line-up!
Ross.Fm & DjWesV.2 are teaming up to bring you the most wonderful night of fun! Definitely a "NOT TO MISS" party! Hope to see you on the dancefloor!

This isn't your normal party at blakes, we're flipping the place out with additional sound, lasers, lighting and video projectors!!!


◇ Stereo Love 2011 Line-Up ◇
♫ Dyloot(Deep Voices/Skills)
♫ St. John(99.7NOW FM HouseNation)
♫ John Beaver(Libra Rising Recs, Skills, VitalSC)
♫ Blix Cannon(Time Unlimited, Skills)
♫ Ross.Fm(99.7NOW FM HouseNation/ )
♫ Carlos Alfonzo(Vibrance Recordings)
♫ Frank Nitty(99.7NOW FM HouseNation / )
♫ Ryan Russell(Torq/Friction)
♫ Jannick Von Rechendorff(Friction)
♫ DjWesV.2(

◇ Paparazzi For The Night ◇
△ Jon Zombie Productions(
△ SMT Photography
△ Eric ECstatik
△ Ikaros Haines

◇ Gogo Dancers ◇
△ Ellie Weeman
△ Kaitlin Muraoka
△ Corrine Katavich
△ Anna Nelson
△ Nancy Ma
△ Angela Ruiz

Please RSVP:

18+ to dance, 21+ to get trashed
$10 before 10pm! $15 After!

Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd st.
Oakland, Ca

Dj Sandy Estrada (Artist Spotlight #11)

Artist spolight number 11!
I here give you "Dj Sandy Estrada" from Las Vegas! Can't find too much on this person :/
But I do recommend keeping an eye out for this one! J/s

Latest tracks by Dj Sandy Estrada

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Da Fresh (Artist Spotlight #10)

DJ, Producer, Remixer and Live act since 2000...

Traditional course of a young man who grew in the eighties... Born in a small french provincial town, middle class music lovers family, big brother as teacher and dealer of good sounds, Arnaud (his real surname) will quickly combine a passion for the music with an immoderate taste for computers and music machines. Afterwards attempts of rock band quickly fallen through, strong of the traditional high-school pupil influences of the time (The Cure, Anne Clark, Depeche Mode...), the young man will succumb very quickly to the french touch success in the nineties. Fascinated by the "Homework" of Daft Punk or the "Pansoul" of Motorbass, then student in an art school, it's under the name of Da Fresh that he will begin the first tentatives of solo composition. Determined and hard worker, he will produce quickly the titles which will launch him on the international electronic music scene : his first album "Supa Feeling" released in 2002 on the Lyon based label Weaked Records will receive excellent criticisms, the hit "Fuckin Track" will make the remainder... Then he will be divided between a full-time job of DJ, while keeping a real knowledge of producer and remixer. Oriented to originality and effectiveness : he always continues with a lot of tracks (Broken Dream, Spaghetti Groove, Age Of Love, Yesterday, Right On Time, Once Again...) and remixes for great labels (1605, Definitive, Toolroom, Armada, Funk Farm, Hot Fingers, BluFin, Moonbeam Digital...), and create his own label Freshin Records.

Latest tracks by Da Fresh

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DjWesV.2 Fresh Tracks

Hey wasup everyone!
It's been awhile! I've been in the studio making a bunch of new edits/bootlegs/mash-ups and even oringinal tracks! Here's are just a few of them! Feel free to download!
Enjoy and use wisely! Please leave comments/feedback! -DjWesV.2(

ColdMagic(OriginalMix)-DjWesV.2 by DjWesV.2

Fianza(OriginalMix)-DjWesV.2 by DjWesV.2

Alex Armes-No Reason(DjWesV.2 Bootleg Edit) by DjWesV.2

Let It Whip(DjWesV.2 Bootleg Edit) by DjWesV.2

Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand(DjWesV.2 Bootleg Edit) by DjWesV.2

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Loopers (Artist Spotlight #9)

Loopers is planning out to be the hottest banging House sensation of 2011. Consisting of 19 year-old Oguzhan Cengiz and 18 year-old Khazar Hamidian, the group founded itself in July 2008.

Starting out as solo deejays, Oguzhan and Khazar decided to perform a back-to-back session during one of the gigs in which they were both scheduled. Performing alongside each other resulted in the best move to occur in their careers this far. Their magic collaboration soon became a refreshing, unique new sound in the house scene.

From that day forward, Oguzhan and Khazar only performed back-to-back as the DJ duo "Ozzie Razz & Khazar," playing local parties and events in the south/west parts of Holland. Their magic spread from the turntables to the studio, dropping bombs such as "Summer Thing," "L.E.D.," and remixes for Altura's "Bouncin Jacks". Following their resulting popularity, Oguzhan & Khazar decided to develop their production and DJ duo under the new and profound title, LOOPERS!

Already getting tons of support by the dutch youth and dance communities, Loopers' "Playground" Mixtapes are being played in stores, bars & clubs nationwide.

Their latest club banger "Ghetto 2010" has support from Afrojack, Vato Gonzalez, Kid Kaio, Dyna, Artistic Raw and Sandro Silva among others. Dropping tracks week after week, the Loopers virus is spreading like wildfire in the house scene and Loopers promises to be a DJ duo worth following!

Latest tracks by LOOPERS