Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Special C and Adrian.V (Artist Spotlight #6)

Adrian.V has been DJ'ing in clubs around Adelaide since the age of 15. At around the age of 17 he found his trademark sound of Hard house and rave music then moving on to hold club residencies and play most of Adelaide's club, rave festival sets, up until the age of 21. Since then his sets have now evolved to the tougher sounds of club house & electro. Now recently teaming up with co- producer Special.C bringing you their brand of upfront electro house music.

Special C has been DJ'ing for 3 years as "DJ Rola" at various rave events and clubs. He completed the Electronic Music Production course at SAE which set off his passion for production about 2 years ago. His sound has gone from hard house rave sounds to drum and bass to now his tough house and electro style. Now at the age of 21 he is currently doing an audio engineering diploma at SAE along with spending countless hours in the studio producing fresh beats to share with the world....

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